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pubsub - gRPC message-oriented middleware on top of message-bus, event ingestion and delivery system.

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How to use this image

Starting a pubsub instance:

docker run --name my-pubsub -e QUEUE_BUFFER_SIZE=100 -d vardius/pubsub:tag

Environment Variables

HOST (string)

This is optional variable, sets gRPC server host value. Default

PORT (int)

This is optional variable, sets gRPC server port value. Default 9090


This is optional variable, sets buffered channel length per subscriber. Default 0, which evaluates to runtime.NumCPU().

KEEPALIVE_MIN_TIME (nanoseconds)

This is optional variable, if a client pings more than once every 5 minutes (default), terminate the connection.

KEEPALIVE_TIME (nanoseconds)

This is optional variable, ping the client if it is idle for 2 hours (default) to ensure the connection is still active.


This is optional variable, wait 20 second (default) for the ping ack before assuming the connection is dead.


This is optional variable, Verbose level. -1 = Disabled, 0 = Critical, 1 = Error, 2 = Warning, 3 = Info, 4 = Debug. Default 3 (Info).


➜  pubsub git:(master) make help
version                        Show version
docker-build                   Build given container. Example: `make docker-build`
docker-run                     Run container on given port. Example: `make docker-run PORT=9090`
docker-stop                    Stop docker container. Example: `make docker-stop`
docker-rm                      Stop and then remove docker container. Example: `make docker-rm`
docker-publish                 Docker publish. Example: `make docker-publish REGISTRY=`
docker-tag                     Tag current container. Example: `make docker-tag REGISTRY=`
docker-release                 Docker release - build, tag and push the container. Example: `make docker-release REGISTRY=`


See proto package for details.