Some of my work:


  • go-api-boilerplate - Go Server/API boilerplate using best practices DDD CQRS ES gRPC
  • gorouter - Go Server/API micro framwework, HTTP request router, multiplexer, mux
  • worker-pool - Go simple async worker pool
  • message-bus - Go simple async message bus
  • gollback - Go asynchronous function simple utilities, for managing execution of closure, callbacks
  • golog - Go logger
  • blockchain - Go gRPC blockchain
  • gocontainer - Dependency Injection Container
  • shutdown - Simple shutdown signals handler with callback
  • pubsub - gRPC message-oriented middleware on top of message-bus, event ingestion and delivery system.
  • …and more



  • peer-cdn - Lightweight library providing peer to peer CDN functionality
  • web-component - Lightweight library providing interface for building web components
  • webrtc-chat - Serverless chat application useing peer to peer WebRTC
  • react-webrtc-chat - React serverless chat application useing peer to peer WebRTC
  • …and more


Please find all my work on Github Profile